Thursday, 12 April 2012

All the Cs

Chocolate, castles, cocktails, coastline, cream teas, (fish and) chips. A pretty standard trip to Cornwall and Devon for me, then.

It was a lovely break. Then stress-city at work this week and there's no rest for me this weekend! I've got a trip to London for Selina Lake's Homespun Style book launch party, then straight to north Wales for a friend's wedding, back to Bath on Sunday and then London again for the Book Fair on Monday. Phew! Will I see you at Selina's or LBF? What to pack? Argh! It's quarter to 10! Need to get on the case.


  1. Ooh, where are you going in Wales? That's my part of the world! Cornwall looked lovely :-)

    1. Oh yes! That's right in the middle of where all my family and in-laws live, so it's a trip we make often!

      Have fun :-)


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