Friday, 23 March 2012

Project Life update: January

Loads happened in January so I have a lot of pages to reflect it. My renewed love of 12x12 layouts mean this album is kinda chunky already. Oh well! I try to simplify all the time but I guess it isn't very me.
January is split into two: my trip to Berlin, which I'm still completing; and the rest of the month, which I'll share now. You're already seen my new year layouts so straight into 'back to work' mode...

Reading more; going to the lights installation at Holburne Museum, Bath with Holly and Lou; promotion on Mollie Makes; press trip to Top Drawer.

Watching my cousin play his first televised match for Falkirk on BBC1 Scotland; my favourite memories in tweets for January; another press trip to Bubble; my dad's birthday; a Thank You card from my nephew (oh, OK, his mum and dad); and Illuminate Bath.

It was a great month for post. My Nani sent me this cute card and a newspaper clipping from a flower show I went to with my sister when I was 9. 

I spent a bit of time in my hometown.

Now - the next layout needs some explaining. My boyfriend and I started a very silly competition to come up with the most embarrassing/hilarious pet names for each other. I collected them all, obviously. Great fodder for a layout, no? (Sorry to have blurred them out, but you know, I want to retain just a little dignity here!).

Hehe. I giggled as I made this.


Thanks for stopping by :)
Have a crafty day xx