Saturday, 10 March 2012

Balance in photos and actions

February was about collecting instances of my word, Balance. I found it everywhere - in my photo archives (me in the denim dress trying not to fall over on a sand dune), in magazines (Psychologies, bottom right), in art (Adam Pretty's image of divers in China), postcards (UPPERCASE's gorgeous Work/Life 2 promo), cereal packets and bills.

Now to put the word into action. Mine was simple - I started a beginner's T'ai Chi class this week. So far, so good! It's already struck me, the discipline you need to keep being balanced - within the movements of the 'form' as they call it, and life in general. This isn't just something I can fix once, I know I need to keep working at it. I can already see that practising the physicality and the mental state of balance in this way is going to be really good for me.


  1. Hummm. Very interesting post. Makes me think about my own life and how I can better balance everything. I have an illustration in that work/life book!

    1. Hey April - wow, off to check out your work :) Yeah, I think before I thought of it as 'struggling' to keep my balance but, I dunno, 'practising' seems a better word. I'm realising that there isn't an end goal to this really, which funnily enough is something I know I struggle with! :)


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